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Our Core Services

Have a read through our core scaffolding services.

Commercial Scaffolding

Here at No.1 Scaffolding, we offer commercial scaffolding for a multitude of projects and building types, including airports, factories, schools, shopping centres, hospital and offices. Unlike domestic scaffolding, our commercial scaffolding services are available for any type of commercial premises, from the buildings listed above to skyscrapers.

Commercial scaffolding explained

Commercial scaffolding systems are extremely versatile, comprised of scaffold boards, pressed steel fittings and galvanised tubes, ensuring they can be used to build almost any structure that is required. This flexibility allows commercial scaffolding to be erected at some of the most complicated buildings.

Commercial scaffolding has quickly become an integral part of construction. In simple terms, scaffolding acts as a temporary structure, used to provide safety and support to any construction workers during a project. This could be repair, building, or maintenance. As buildings become larger, the need for scaffolding becomes greater. This is why commercial scaffolding often proves to be essential.

Why choose No.1 Scaffolding for your commercial project?

We are also able to carry out work in a safe and proper manner, even in restricted access areas. Health and safety is an integral aspect of commercial scaffolding for us, so we make sure that all risk assessments are thoroughly and accurately completed before we start any work. As a sophisticated scaffolding business, we are often tasked with working at greater heights than would be needed for domestic scaffolding. Therefore, our work is done with extreme care. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, skilled at dismantling the scaffolding as well as manufacturing it in the first place.

We have developed a reliable reputation from a large number of dedicated clients, who trust the solutions we are able to provide through our services. We are committed to meeting the appropriate requirements, carrying out strategic pre-planning, and always having the newest and best materials in stock.

For top-quality and local commercial scaffolding, contact No.1 Scaffolding today.

Residential Scaffolding

Residential scaffolding is required for a multitude of different types of domestic projects, including self builds, loft conversions, extensions, guttering, fascia & soffits, windows and even repairing a chimney stack – the list is endless. So if you’re considering a home improvement project, it’s highly likely that your builders are going to need to gain access safely to different levels of your home. In order for them to do this, you have to find a safe, reliable, and professional residential scaffolding service.

No.1 Scaffolding can advise and provide you with professionally erected scaffolding for any project. All our scaffolding services include delivery, assembly, and dismantling of the scaffolding equipment. All of the materials we supply fulfil the rigid UK legislation for working at height, and we also have our own regulations to ensure that workers are always safe when using our equipment.

Why you should use scaffolding…

You might be able to achieve some height and reach with a ladder, but it does not offer a safe, balanced platform to work from. Scaffolding offers a greater height advantage and is far safer.

Will I need permission to put up scaffolding?

If your building work sits within the boundary of your property, you do not need to obtain permission. However, if any part of the scaffolding is going to sit outside your property boundary, you will need to seek permission and obtain a licence from your local council.

We’re really proud to have built up a reputation for providing an efficient and top-class service. Whether it’s a big project or a small one, our aim is to always deliver and assemble the safest scaffolding for your building requirements. No.1 Scaffolding is a professional, friendly team that is highly experienced, providing competitive prices and delivering on quality and safety. Contact us for a quote today.

Industrial Scaffolding

At No.1 Scaffolding, we are experts in industrial scaffolding. We tailor our services for specific manufacturing and industrial sites, normally where businesses are facing challenges caused by industrial access systems. Our team of industrial scaffolders are expertly trained in both the manufacture and dismantle of industrial scaffolding, adapting their experience to a site’s specific needs.

Industrial Scaffolding Explained

Industrial scaffolding can include projects at industrial units, plants and factories, meaning it can often lead to various challenges regarding accessibility and environmental concerns due to the hazardous environments which are sometimes found in industrial areas. We have experience overcoming such challenges but are also adept at the smaller maintenance jobs, such as providing industrial scaffolding for pipe and valve access works.

Industrial scaffolding isn’t simply about the result, it’s also about the planning process. Industrial scaffolding needs to be planned around your business to ensure it meets the specific needs of your project. Therefore we understand the need for a thorough and detailed planning and preparation stage, in which we will discuss the logistics and schedule for your industrial scaffolding. We will also take into account the need to provide access to your trades and contractors, reducing the risk of delays and aiming to get your project completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why choose No.1 Scaffolding?

We can confidently say that when it comes to industrial scaffolding, our knowledge is unmatched. We also have a thorough awareness of health and safety, and understand its importance. We abide by the Health and Safety Legislation, and also the Government Scaffolding Rules to ensure that our team, and as well as our clients, are kept completely safe during the scaffolding process.

To enquire about top-quality industrial scaffolding from your local scaffolding business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at No.1 Scaffolding.

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